University Square Master Plan

2017 National Landscape Architecture Award - Landscape Planning

2017 Victoria Landscape Architecture Award - Landscape Planning


City of Melbourne



With the urgent need for cities to tackle climate change and the urban heat island effect, as well as increasing population growth and diversity, it is encouraging to see projects such as the University Square Master Plan embrace these issues through effective and well researched urban and landscape planning. Through a rigorous process of engagement with key stakeholders and the Melbourne community, the plan identifies the key issues facing the future growth of this part of the city in the context of where the square sits in the greater open space network and guiding city strategies.

The proposition is an innovative and distinctly urban approach to the redevelopment of the square and the jury were particularly impressed by the integration of the surrounding streets into the plan. The master plan delivers a compelling story for the transformation of the square into a vibrant, activated and functional public domain that is seamlessly knitted into the fabric of the city.


Project Name: University Square Master Plan

Award Category: Landscape Planning

Awards: National Landscape Architecture AwardState Landscape Architecture Award

Year: 2017

State/Territory: VIC

City: Melbourne

Landscape Architect: City of Melbourne

Country: Wurundjeri

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