Penguin Plus Viewing Area

2016 National Award of Excellence - Tourism

2016 Victoria Award of Excellence - Tourism

Tract Consultants



Penguin Plus is a highly site-sensitive design on Phillip Island, which enables the visitor experience to be dominated by the quality of the environment and the appeal of the fauna. The contoured structure, with curved boardwalk and stepped viewing area, sits sympathetically in the coastal landscape, providing a wide range of visitor viewing options while the improved lighting system greatly reduces the impact on the penguin habitat.

This project has clearly been informed by the comprehensive Master Plan for Phillip Island Nature Parks as well as a Design Guideline manual.

The work is beautifully detailed and provides a replicable prototype for the development of other components of this fragile landscape into the future. The project successfully demonstrates how a well-structured and values-driven design process can transform organisational thinking and practice for public agencies.



Project Name: Penguin Plus Viewing Area

Award Category: Tourism

Awards: 2016 National Award of Excellence, 2016 Victoria Award of Excellence

Year: 2016

State/Territory: Victoria

City: Phillip Island

Landscape Architect: Tract Consultants